New styles coming Winter 2017/18

At Kulu we pride ourselves on our unique and beautiful handbags and accessories that are of a very high quality and ethically sourced and produced.


Progressing from our already high standards of quality, design and style, our African Chic Collection is a step above and beyond. The African Chic Collection joins organic African materials with continental craftsmanship. Aesthetics that play on the offerings of a natural environment are combined with a heritage of crafting methods developed over centuries in Europe. The result is an exclusively conceptualized design with a discerning clientele in mind yearning to express their individual style. The African Chic Collection represents the highest levels of artistry within Kulu’s own existing brand of exotic hide and leather handbags and accessories.

“When you make the decision to carry a kulubag, you know you are a breed apart”.

Kulu purses and bags are made from the highest quality leathers and game hides that we source and manufacture in Southern Africa. Each hide is hand chosen and lovingly crafted into a beautiful purse that is as unique as you are.


The workmanship and care that goes into each bag is coupled with the highest quality hides, leather and fittings. Kulu bags and accessories are available exclusively at select fine retail boutiques.


Supporting Conservation in Southern Africa. With the purchase of a Kulu handbag, you are directly supporting conservation efforts in southern Africa to maintain more than 40,000 square miles in over 200 separate National, Provincial and private game reserves.


More than 300 different species of mammals, 500 different bird and 120 reptile species reside within the safety of these parks. Living along side these abundant species are two dozen “critically endangered” and “endangered” species that are likewise protected by the thousands of professional game rangers and degreed wildlife managers who operate and manage the reserves.

A favorite case of ours is that at the turn of the 20th century, there were only 100 southern white rhinos remaining. At the turn of the 21st century there were 20,000 residing in these National, Provincial and Private reserves in Southern Africa.

The case of the southern white rhino is only one of the countless efforts by countless people in southern Africa to save their heritage and you can be a part by supporting these efforts with your purchase.

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